Gen 3 Think Uno Max, initial impressions from David Bell

Even though we just introduced the Gen 3 Think Uno Max yesterday, a few of our friends and clients are fortunate enough to have already received theirs off our most recent container. One of those is David Bell. David recently received his new Gen 3 Uno Max Ultimate from us, adding to the Evo II Ultimate and Ion Elite already in his garage, and was kind enough to send me a review after a few weeks of testing. ...

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Welcome Nelo Surfskis and Kayaks to the Eliteoceansports Lineup!

In our tradition of providing the finest and latest in surfskis, kayaks, and paddling gear to the Eastern US, Eliteoceansports is excited to announce the addition of Nelo Surfskis and Sprint Kayaks/Canoes to our product lineup!
Together with Nelo we are working to get the first supply of the new Nelo 560 Ski, 560M, and 520 Ski to US shores. With the legendary Oscar Chalupsky at the helm of Nelo’s surfski department, Nelo has completely redesigned their skis to ...

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Paddles: A Surfski Paddler’s View from the Middle of the Pack

A few weeks ago, during one of our email conversations Wesley Echols asked if I would write an article giving my impressions of the various paddles that I’ve tried since I began paddling in the fall of 2009. It is a decent sized list, as I have run through some paddles trying to find the one that’s ‘right’ for me. I did have some reservations though, as being co-owner of Eliteoceansports, importer of Jantex (since the fall of 2013), ...

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2016 North Shore Cup Date Set!

Fellow Paddlers,
First off, we want to thank everyone who helped make the 2015 North Shore Cup our most successful edition to date!
Obviously, we are most thankful for a supportive and motivated surfski paddling community who helped get the word out, and to the paddlers who came out to compete in some exciting and challenging conditions!

Big thanks to our friend Vadim Lishchuk of Main Street Photo and Video for being our official photographer/videographer. If you haven’t seen the ...

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Eliteoceansports Holiday Deals!

Eliteoceansports Holiday Sale Special! Now through January 3rd we are offer the following specials and sale items:
– 5% off on all paddles and accessories in stock
– Free paddle and bag with purchase of any new Think surfski in stock
Additionally, we have the following demo Think Surfskis available at a discount. Contact us directly for pricing and more details:
– Think Uno Max Elite
– Think Uno Max Performance
– Think Ion Ultimate
– Think Evo II Performance
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Eliteoceansports Sponsors Jesse Lishchuk for the 2014 Surfski Season

We are pleased to announce that US National Team member Jesse Lishchuk will represent Eliteoceansports for the 2014 Surfski Season. After focusing on flatwater sprint and marathon racing for the past several seasons, Jesse is excited to integrate surfski racing into his calendar this coming season. Jesse’s weapons of choice this season for surfski racing will be the Think Uno Max and Jantex paddles. Jesse and other young paddlers represent the future of US surfski racing, and Eliteoceansports is proud ...

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Jesse Lishchuk takes 3rd overall in Men’s division at US East Coast Surfski Championships (L2L Race) in the Vajda Hawx Elite

Congratulations to Jesse Lishchuk for a superbe 3rd place overall in the Men’s division at the US East Coast Surfski Championships (L2L Race) on Sept 7th. Only 17 years old and in only his second paddle all year in a ski, Jesse piloted his Vajda Hawx Elite with the skill of a seasoned veteran, beating out 2 past Blackburn Challenge winners and scores of the most seasoned ski paddlers on the East Coast. Bravo Jesse!

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Ben Lawry’s Fast Kayak Camp recap. Don’t miss him in Boston in May!

Ben Lawry hosted his Fast Kayak Camp here in Charleston, SC last weekend and everyone involved agreed that it was a great experience. Ben and his partner for the camp, Maurizio Tognacci, cast their expert view on all the paddlers involved and handed out invaluable tips to everyone throughout the 3 day camp. Everything was covered in a systematic fashion, and all went home with detailed plans for continued progress tailored to each paddlers’ individual needs. If you have not ...

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Southeast Paddle Sport Championship Series

Time for everyone to start getting ready for the second full season of the Southeast Paddle Sport Championship Series. Having been refined for this year by race director John Wellens, we should be looking a highly competitive series this year. If you’re not already starting to make your plans to compete in the series be sure and go to the website, Southeast Paddle Sport Series and save the dates. First race, the always competitive and challenging Charleston Patriot ...

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