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Eliteoceansports Nelo Specialists:
New England Specialist (MA)
Contact: Chris Chappell
– email:
– Tel: 508-348-9840

Our Dealers:
Ocean Paddle Company (Jupiter, FL)
Contact: Mike Canfield
– email:
– Tel: 561-914-4641

Surfski Syndicate (Chattanooga, TN)
Contact: Joseph DiChiacchio and Myrlene Marsa
– email:
– Tel: 423-394-1091 (Joseph)
– Tel: 423-322-0106 (Myrlene)

Great Lakes Surfski (Grosse Pointe Farms, MI)
Contact: Ulli Sherer
– email:
– Tel: 313-378-3900

Global Paddlesports (Houston, TX)
Contact: Russell Adams
– email:
– Tel: 713-818-0565

Sea Kayak Carolina (Charleston, SC)
Contact: Joe Campbell
– email:
– Tel: 843-225-7969

Atlantic Paddler (Lincolnville, ME)
Contact: Eric McNett
– email:
– Tel: 207-841-5321

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